Episode Zero

14 02 2011

So here it is kids, the “first” episode of the Dan Port Podcast.  This was essentially a trial run (thus it’s called “episode zero”) but I did cover quite a few topics.  It’s about 24 minutes long and 21.4 MB large.  Future podcasts will have a musical intro, professional voiceover, guest stars, etc.  I’ll also see what I can do about reducing the file sizes.

Here’s the download link and some show notes.

Right Click, Save As (you know the drill):  DAN PORT PODCAST EPISODE ZERO

Here’s the Yelp page for the Tattle Tale Room, where I watched the Packers win the Super Bowl.  Surprisingly good reviews.

Check out the safe for work (youtube) preview trailer for Erica McLean’s movie The Flying Pink Pig

And here’s some info on the lawsuit that Flying Pig Truck has filed (from TMZ)

Lastly, here’s the safe for work (youtube) preview trailer for the Simpsons porn parody .  Flanders looks pretty good, I think.

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