“Twas the Day Before Christmas (A Poem For the Packers)”

24 12 2013

Twas the day before Christmas and all through the states,
Packer fans were anxious but continued to wait.
The games had become what we’d repeatedly feared,
An injured Aaron Rodgers, not medically cleared.

The season looked dire, twas tough to find wins,
For just one healthy Rodgers was worth a thousand Matt Flynns.
But Matty tried hard, scraped out a few comebacks,
And the playoffs were still possible, no time to relax.

Thompson, McCarthy, and Dr. McKenzie,
Had worked up the fans into quite a big frenzy.
Holding A-Rodg out so long, for fear of collisions,
With vague press conferences and “organizational decisions”.

But now it was time to make the post-season,
And it was versus the Bears, so there’s another good reason,
To suit up the prophet, the savior, the whiz,
Who hails from Butte County, wherever that is.

Plus Lacy, The Hammer, running for big gains,
Receivers Jordy and Boykin, and Quarless and James,
And let’s not forget, we may even see Cobb,
Who’s never a stranger to a well-placed A-Rodg lob.

The defense, okay, they’ve been far from real stout,
Lots of under-performers, or the jury still out.
But the Packers’ offense can always push to a win,
I mean, let’s not forget that great twenty-ten.

So fans hope against hope, for our QB’s return,
The news that, ideally, we’ll very soon learn.
Some fans will go out, others are nervous at home,
And some of us dorkier ones write a poem.

But if Rodgers is out, fulfilling our fears,
We’ll root on Matt Flynn, and have a few beers.
So I’ll leave you with this, which we already know,
The Bears still suck.  GO PACK GO!

-Dan Port



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