MLB All-Nautical Team

3 08 2012

Ever notice that a good amount of MLB players have nautical/ocean/etc-based last names?  Ever wonder if you could assemble a decent team of those guys?

Not all these guys are currently on a big league roster because hey, some positions were a bit “watered down”.  Sorry.

Starting Pitchers:

Chris Sale, Chicago White Sox – Pronounced “sail”.

Anthony Bass, San Diego Padres – Bass is a type of fish.  A delicious fish.

Brandon Beachy, Atlanta Braves – Beaches are fun.  Beachy fun.

Mike Leake, Cincinnati Reds – You may not want one, but in boating a “leak” can happen.

Duane Below, Detroit Tigers – Sure he’s started just one game this year, but he’s the fifth starter.

Relief Pitchers:

Corey Wade, New York Yankees – Not on the club right now, but too good a name to ignore.

Jeff Manship, Minnesota Twins – Man.  Ship.  Perfect.

Tyler Clippard, Washington Nationals – Not exact, but a “clipper” is a type of boat.


Dane Sardinha, Baltimore Orioles – Hasn’t played in the big leagues since last year, but “sardine-ah” is too perfect.

First Base:

Mike Carp, Seattle Mariners – Carp is a type of fish.  He’d room with Sardinha and Bass.

Second Base:

Pete Orr, Philadelphia Phillies – Can’t get anywhere in a rowboat without an “oar”.


Brent Lillibridge, Cleveland Indians – The utility man gets the start at short here.  Lilli-“bridge over troubled waters”.

Third Base:

Scott Rolen, Cincinnati Reds – Pronounced “rollin”, as in “down the river”.


Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels – Rooms with fellow fishies Bass, Carp, and Sardinha but gets the best bedroom.

Jason Bay, New York Mets – As in “sitting on the dock of the-“.

Jerry Sands, Los Angeles Dodgers – Probably rooms with Beachy.  Too bad Chris Coste retired.




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